18 Wheels Driver – The professional drivers

18 Wheels Driver – The professional drivers

Date added: 24/11/2017

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Driving is not a simple task for everyone, especially a large truck with 18 wheels. To drive this car, it requires you to have a professional driving skill and an ability to observe the problem. Are you ready to challenge your driving skills in 18 Wheels Driver at school friv?


Have you ever driven a big truck? Is it extremely simple? Join 18 Wheels Driver and have many interesting experiences here. 18 Wheels Driver is available for you at friv Games for boys.    


Set in a cramped city full of traffic and tall buildings, your biggest mission is to drive a big truck carefully and park it at the given locations in the city. However at friv games, you should remember that driving an 18-wheel truck is a really difficult job because the truck is prone to collisions with obstacles on the road. I advise you that before starting each level, you should not rush to drive, instead all you need is to observe carefully and find a perfect path to travel on the way.


There are 16 attractive levels in this game at friv for school. The level of difficulty of each level will also increase significantly, so you should be careful with every move. Playing some other interesting driving games at friv free such as http://www.friv-2018.net/ will be a perfect choice for you.


Controls: Use arrow keys to move in the game.

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