Age Of War 2 - Friv 4 school 2018

Age Of War 2 - Friv 4 school 2018

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War across the ages. The most important thing is to keep your base safe while destroying the base of your foes. Play Age of War 2 at Friv 4!


Age of War 2 is an addictive strategy and defense game that you can find at friv free Games. In this second installment, you battle your opponent through the ages from the cavemen age to future age. It features 4 difficulty modes and tons of achievements and challenges. You have to fight against a mass of enemies through many ages to protect your territory.


There are 7 unique ages and 29 unit types that you will unlock gradually. The most important thing is to keep your base safe. If it’s destroyed by your enemies, it means you lose and you have to start from the beginning.


If the enemy attacks too violently and you do not have time to train additional warriors, you can use the deadly spells such as the fiery meteors, lightning storm, or call world war bomber planes to clear the field.

How many ages that you can go through? If you’re fond of strategy games like this one, you can find a bundle of them at friv Game for free, such as . Have a great time here! How to play: Play this game by using your mouse.

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