Age Of War - Friv 4 school 2018

Age Of War - Friv 4 school 2018

Date added: 20/09/2017

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Who love to play the strategy and shooting games? Great! Because Age of war is created for you at Friv 2018. Knock down all your opponents and get the victory!


Age of war is a wonderful combination of strategy and shooting game which is played by thousands of the players at friv Games for free. Here, you will have the chance to become the leader who will train a strong army.


Defend your castle at all costs and survive as long as possible in this bloody battle. Are you ready to fight against the evil forces? Everything is available for you at school friv. To start this game, you can choose 1 in 3 difficulty levels: Normal, harder, and impossible.


However, if you are a new player, I think that you should choose the normal level to get familiar with the gameplay in the game. Keep your minds to shoot down all enemies until they run out of energy and fell to the ground.


Remember that the more enemies you shoot down, the more points you will receive. Use this money to upgrade advanced weapons such as bombs, rockets, cannon and so on. Who will become the King of Age of war? It could completely be you. If you want to spend more time for some related games, check out  at friv 4 free.

Game controls:

Controls: Use your left mouse to shoot down the enemy in the game.

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