Blaze Monster Truck - Welcome to the genius!

Blaze Monster Truck - Welcome to the genius!

Date added: 16/12/2017

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Notification! This is a game only for smart people and a good memory. Do you dare to join Blaze Monster Truck at frivgame and confirm your intelligence? Enjoy Blaze Monster Truck!


If you're bored with simple games such as shooting, fashion, or strategy games, the clever puzzle games will be the ideal choice for you. So, today I will introduce you to a fascinating puzzle game at best friv Games - Blaze Monster Truck - A game requires intelligence and ability to observe.


Before starting this exciting game, you can choose some modes such as easy (12 pieces), medium (48 pieces), hard (108 pieces) or expert (192 pieces). Warning! Hard and expert levels are difficult levels and require fast interaction and good memorization in the game at online Games friv.


If you pass these 2 levels, I assert that you are an extremely intelligent person. You will definitely become a genius in the world. In this game, a perfect picture will be disturbed and your task is to place the broken pieces in their correct places on the picture.


However, this task is not easy because the puzzle pieces are quite similar at friv for kids school. Hope you can conquer this puzzle game! Explore more with Lancia Hidden Keys and Real Car Simulator


Game controls:

How to play? You can use the mouse to play this game.

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