Freddys Bomb - An excellent game at friv the play

Freddys Bomb - An excellent game at friv the play

Date added: 05/12/2017

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Fun, joy, entertaining is perfect adjectives describing Freddys Bomb. This game promises to bring players the most satisfied time at friv best games. Try it now!


The objective of the game is to escape safely out of a house. How interesting the game is! Nonetheless, there are lots of obstacles blocking your different way.


With the young, creative attitude, I'm sure that the gamers at online game friv can have the memorable moments. This game obviously fits with most of the players from all the eggs at friv free. Hope you have luck and follow the sure the. You have come so far; don't speed.


Tips, tricks, and hacks in Freddys Bomb


Do not touch the animated characters or they will kill you.


Here are some notes from the power-ups list, the heart symbols - It's your lives disappearing when you got bombed. The bomb symbols, drop this to destroy obstacles. The shoes will speed up your movements. The mineland, available in the dining hall; those ones only explode when someone steps on it. The stun gun, available in the kitchen and finally the flamethrower that available in the office.


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Game controls:

How to play

Click the arrow keys to control your character.

Press the space-bar to use bombs and weapons.

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