Grandpa Suite Escape

Grandpa Suite Escape

Date added: 28/02/2018

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Do you think that you are smart? Do you dare to challenge your intelligence in Grandpa Suite Escape at game friv 4? Use your intelligence to find important clues and escape from the house in Grandpa Suite Escape game online at Hurry up! You need to get out of the house as soon as possible! 

Grandpa Suite Escape at frivGames 2018 is an interesting click and point game which is developed by 8B games. This is also an interesting story about your "escape journey". HaHa! It's weird and interesting, right? 

One day, imagine that you wake up with a locked door. Meanwhile, you need to go out immediately to solve an important task. You don’t have the key, the phone, and the help of anyone. You must solve this problem by yourself in the game. How to escape from the house? You need a key. How to find the key? You need to collect all the clues in the house and link them to find the location of the hidden key in the game at friv 4 school

Where do you start? – Everywhere! Because clues will be hidden throughout the house from the living room, bathroom and bedroom. You can pay attention to all the boxes, blankets, rugs, refrigerators, washing machines and so on to find enough clues. Don’t miss out on any placement and small details because they can store the most important clues. 

In this game, you don’t have any time limits, so you can search for clues and don’t have to worry about time. This also gives you many advantages to conquer this game at online friv games. What are you thinking? Jump into this game and challenge your intelligence now! 

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Game controls:

How to play?

Use your mouse to click on the symbols on the screen. 

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