Gravity Guy

Gravity Guy

Date added: 11/09/2017

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Use space or X to control your character.


Run! Run! Run! A monster is chasing you behind. Hurry up to run as fast as possible on the race track at friv4. Are you ready to put your name on the Leaderboard? Good luck!


You are a fan of racing games and you are finding an awesome racing game? Congratulation! Because Gravity Guy is created for you at friv Games free. With unique gameplay, I bet that you will train many necessary skills in life.


In this attractive racing game at friv school, you are alone on the race track with a toxic monster that is chasing you behind and finding any way to kill you at all times. Keep your mind to run as fast as you can to escape the pursuit of the monster on the way.


One more thing, to complete this mission, you only need to press Space button to change gravity and overcome the obstacles on the track. Note that, tons of challenges are waiting for you, so do your best to pass through them and unlock next levels in the game.


Besides, you should be more careful with every move because the game’s speed is very fast. Help a little guy overcome all dangerous obstacles and deadly traps right now! What are you waiting for? Everything is available for you at Games friv online!

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