Hockey Legends – How many goals can you score?

Hockey Legends – How many goals can you score?

Date added: 24/01/2018

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Hockey Legends is a fun and addicting online sports game. Now, come to friv free Games, take your stick and join hockey matches in Hockey Legends! Steal the pucks from your opponents and attempt to score as many goals as possible! Will you become the champion of this Hockey Legends? Enjoy your time!


Here at game friv 4, Hockey Legends gives you options for consideration. You have Tournament, Friendly Match and Training as the formats of the competition; Normal and Hard as difficulty levels; 1vs1 and 2vs2 as modes. You also have several different characters. Choose what you want and get ready to compete!


The gameplay is very simple that you need to control your character around the hockey rink and try to score a goal with the puck. At friv Games online today, score as many goals as you can to overcome your opponents and become the champion in the end of the game. You can hit your opponents with your stick, trip them up and try to steal the puck from them.


You can also use special offensive or defensive abilities such as a super shot to score even if an opponent blocks your view or an ice wall to protect your goal for a few seconds. Playing this game at friv Games , of course, your opponents can do the same things to you so be careful and move cleverly.


Another important thing you should notice that the time is 60s for each game. Let’s be the winner in the last moment of the game. And with the biggest number of goals, you will be in the first place in the league table. Challenge yourself and have a good time at friv 2018! You may want to play more sports games such as



Game controls:

Instructions: Player 1: Press arrow keys to move; double right arrow keys to dash, Z key to use supper shot and X key to use shot. Player 2: Press WASD keys to move, double D keys to dash, K key to use supper shot and L key to use shot.

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