Learn to fly 2 - Friv 4 school 2018

Learn to fly 2 - Friv 4 school 2018

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Able to fly is the solid dream of cute penguin. But it’s not easy to make it come true. Help him at all cost. Play Learn to Fly 2 at Friv 4!


Learn to Fly 2 is the second installment of Learn to Fly series which is brought to you by friv free Games. It offers more fun, more challenges, more customization and more supportive tools. At the first season, he learned so hard to fly, but after all effort, he had failed. Now, he is in the hospital.


Once again, he did not give up his dream. He can’t accept the truth that he is a flightless bird. He will again prove to the world that he can fly like other kinds of birds. You still have to help this cute penguin learn how to fly. Your main mission is to launch this penguin fly as high and far as possible.


This time, many icebergs have stopped him along the way. You destroy these obstacles ahead of him by hitting them and earn cash by scoring 5 elements which are distance, altitude, speed, duration, and destruction with each flight.  


More challenges mean more cash. You can get extra cash by completing achievements on each level. Then, use the money you earn to buy a bundle of upgrades to help him fly farther. Are you ready to deal with this challenge? At friv Games, there are tons of fun games waiting for you to explore, some of them are http://www.friv-2018.net/ . Have fun!

Game controls:

Instructions: Use the left and right arrows or A/D to steer, Space-bar to use the boost, any key to activate special sleighs.

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