Life - Friv2018

Life - Friv2018

Date added: 06/09/2017

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Life is really a cute and lovely game at friv Games for kids with many attractive points. This game is an interesting story about a baby who was kidnapped by a monster and abandoned in the sky. Here, he has to find any ways to survive and come back his home.


Therefore, simply, your main mission is to help him collect as many useful items as possible on the way. They can include milk boxes, candies, hamburger, and so on. However, he will also have many dangers in the sky. Especially, you should pay attention to knives because they are extremely dangerous and can hurt your baby.


Moreover, do your best to eat many useful objects and get the highest score in the game. Note that, at higher levels, the level of difficulty will be increased dramatically, so you should be more careful with deadly traps in the game. Ready to challenge yourself in this flying game at play friv Games? This chance is for you. Play online and download for free at online friv Games now!

Game controls:

Use your mouse to guide your baby to fly in the sky.

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