Mario Hidden Tires - Owl in the night	Hey you!

Mario Hidden Tires - Owl in the night Hey you!

Date added: 16/12/2017

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I challenge your intelligence and your ability to observe in Mario Hidden Tires at friv free Games online. Do you dare to accept this challenge? Click Mario Hidden Tires!


Who is a fan of the puzzle games? Don’t miss any chance to explore Mario Hidden Tires at friv Games for school. I bet that you will be addicted to this game right from the first turn. Why is this game so attractive?


There are many reasons to explain this at friv4. The first reason is that this game challenges the intelligence and the player's ability to observe. This will increase the player's desire to win and make them try their best to conquer this game.


The second reason is that this game has a limited time and a fixed number of keys in each level. This helps you know that you need to find out how many keys to complete the request. Besides at Games of friv, you have to race against time to win each mission.


The final reason is that the game has cool graphics with bright images and playful colors. All of them created a colorful and lively picture at friv Games to play. Share these games with your friends to have many enjoyable moments with



Game controls:

Controls: Find out 15 keys with your left mouse.

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