Monster Hordes

Monster Hordes

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The primary mission of this game is to defend your castle from the attack of evils. You can check the damage of it through the green bar in the right bottom of the game's screen at Friv 4. Tolerance limit of the castle is 1800 Your mana is shown at the top of the screen. The Mana is used to cast spells and summon warriors on battlefields. Its maximum is 1200.


Tips, tricks, and hacks in Monster Hordes


To summon a warrior into a specific battle, select a warrior image then click on the battlefield. Your army can go up to 200 warriors. You can raise the number even more by upgrading it on a power-up board at best friv game.


To cast a spell, select a spell then click on the battlefield. Each spell will have a different power and destruction. Use your mana gotten in each match to open more magic spells.


The wizards normally target enemies that are nearby to your castle. You can use the primary target spell to assign a specific target to your wizards.


Get rune stones to increase your winning chances. However, you may only use one stone during a single battle. Here are notes of these stone's power. The purple one quickly kills all the enemies approaching near your castle. The blue one has the ability to restore the health points of all your warriors on the battlefield. And finally, the yellow one will help you to repair your castle to full health points.


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