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Moto X3M is back!The great motocross racing game takes you to the cold snowy mountains, where you have to prove you're the best dirt bike rider ever. Race as fast as you can, make flips and try to master all off-road circuits in best time. Ready? Then face up the winter challenge in Moto X3M 2! Have fun!


Hey! Hey! I want to become a handsome boy and drive an expensive and classy motorcycle. No doubt! Please, join Moto X3M 2 game at friv online Games to attract the sexy girls.


Test your racing skills, keep the balance of the motorcycle, pass through deadly obstacles, and say that “I am the number one racer”. Furthermore, you should control multiple keys simultaneously to get the best results in the game. Go ahead!



Drive your motorcycle with the arrow keys on the computer.


Now available Moto X3M games and Moto X3M 3 is the latest installment of the Moto X3M series. Share them with your friends!


Do you dare to join a prolonged race filled with many deadly dangers at Friv4 if you have a motorbike on hand? Play Moto X3M 2 to experience this! Start!


Do you feel real races boring because there is nothing to challenge? If this is true, join Moto X3M 2 at friv school Games right now. The reason for you to choose it is that you will race on tracks filled with both complex terrains and deadly traps and you can not find out the same ones in reality.


Therefore, you will not feel bored, even on the contrary, you will feel excited. To conquer 25 levels of the game, you need to control well and simultaneously avoid all traps by performing flips with your motorbike. Try to pass challenges at each level as fast as possible so that you can get many stars and scores at friv 2018.


Use the stars that you have earned for upgrades! Although when playing this game, players have a free hand, many people can not reach the last level because of their limited skills. What about you? Do you have the heart to join this dramatic race? Prove that you not only have a heart of stone but also are a super racer! Good luck!


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Game controls:

Controls: Use the arrow keys to control your motorbike (up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to brake, left arrow to tilt on the left, right arrow to tilt on the right.

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