Name that beard - Friv 4 school 2018

Name that beard - Friv 4 school 2018

Date added: 20/09/2017

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Haha! Are you a smart person? OK! Do you dare to join Name that beard – a fun puzzle game for all ages at Friv 4? Hope that you will have a great time!


Name that beard is an interesting puzzle game in which you will have to guess about the famous people through some pieces of pictures in the game. With fun gameplay, I bet that you will laugh happily every time. Don’t hesitate anymore!


Click at friv Games 2018 right now! To complete this mission, all you need is to observe carefully and imagine about a famous person in the world. They can be a poet, singer, athletes, historians, biologists and some special people in many different fields.


Sometimes, many people often think that this game is very simple but it is not easy to conquer this game. Because you will only get a small hint in every picture and all will depend on your intelligence and your imagination in the game. For instance, you can only get some pictures of beard, forehead, nose, or cheekbone.


Therefore, you should think carefully before selecting the answer. Are you ready to conquer this game? Let’s play at friv Games for school. If you want to experience more with some hot games, I suggest that you should play at friv school.



Game controls:

Controls: Play this game by using your left mouse in the game.

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