Orion Sandbox Enhanced

Orion Sandbox Enhanced

Date added: 13/09/2017

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Accidently, your ship is crashed and landed on a strange new planet. What are you gonna do? Try your best to survive in Orion Sandbox Enhanced at Friv4!


When you are put on an unknown planet, what are you going to do? Of course, you have to find a way to survive, so does this guy in Orion Sandbox Enhanced at the Free friv game. His ship is broken, he can not go back to his home town right now.


Your job is to help him survive by collecting material such as wood, dirt, and stone to build home, tools, weapons and some other necessary things to make his life a bit easier. The home will keep him safe from the beast at night.


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Game controls:

Controls: You use AD or left/right arrow to move, press left mouse to mine and place block and Spacebar to jump.

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