Ragdoll Volleyball

Ragdoll Volleyball

Date added: 25/09/2017

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However, you don’t need to worry too much because you only need to observe carefully, hit correctly and complete each level in the shortest time. Besides, this game’s graphics are simple but the gameplay is interesting, so I bet you will be addicted to this game right away. Play it online with no any fees at game friv 4!


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Play basketball with the dolls? YES! It sounds very interesting, right? Control your doll wisely and defeat your opponent in the shortest time. Let’s play Ragdoll Volleyball at friv 4!


Have you ever participated in a volleyball game with dolls? It's weird, right? However, I bet you will get a lot of interesting experiences in life. If you think that this game is extremely simple, you're probably wrong because the control of a doll to play volleyball is extremely difficult. Join Ragdoll Volleyball at friv school Games and challenge yourself now!


Each match will only have 2 players, including you and your opponent. Note that, your opponent is really an excellent player with lots of volleyball techniques. Keep your mind to control your doll wisely and throw as many balls in the opponent's field as you can.


One more thing, take every opportunity to gain the ball and hit it to the opponent to score points in the match. Controlling a doll is really difficult because sometimes it moves too fast or too slow on the field. This will also cause many difficulties for you to complete this mission.



Game controls:


Use arrow keys to control your doll in the game.

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