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In the action-packed shooting game Sniper Team there are enemies coming from all sides and it's nearly impossible for just a single gunman to keep up. It's your job to command a dreadful bunch of sharpshooters to give the last stand and protect your base from all attackers. Much fun.


Are you ready to kill some bad guys? Adapt and get your weapon in this energizing first-individual shooter game – Sniper Team 2! Lead your group of riflemen into the battle zone, completely loaded and prepared to guard their charge post. Crush the adversary waves coming in that are attempting to annihilate your base to win high scores, huge amounts of money, and open exceptional weapons and accomplishments. 


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Game controls:

Key Controls 

In Sniper Team 2, there are numerous key controls for players to learn and use to convey the most destroying hits to the foe targets. 

  • Mouse - Aim 
  • Left mouse catch - Shoot your weapon 
  • Spacebar - Toggle zoom 
  • X/Shift - Zoom 
  • Numbers 1 through 4 keys - Switch between sharpshooter posts 
  • R - Reload 
  • Q – Switch weapons 
  • Escape/P - Pause 
  • M - Mute
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