Super Mario Twin - New attractive version

Super Mario Twin - New attractive version

Date added: 05/12/2017

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Our Mario boy is back. One more time, the princess is kidnaped, let's join Super Mario Twin and help this boy rescue the beautiful princess at Friv 4.


The point I'd like to begin with is the genre of the game. Well, like the previous versions, this game belongs to the classic game type. The highlight characteristic of classic games is that those can fit most of the gamers' favorite. And of course, this game is not an exception. I'd bet that all players at friv for free will be completely enamored of Super Mario Twin.


As well as that, I could say that this game has an incredible graphic design. I believe that this is a necessary thing deciding whether this game is successful. The character design is impressive too. I think that this compliment should be given to not only this game but all the Mario game genre. How about the sound? It's no doubt that people will jump up for the joy which the game's sound brings back. So classic, so catchy!


There are 20 levels in the game in both the single-player and the multi-player mode. Those all are interesting and worth for your experience. Let's show off your abilities and accomplish all 20 levels with the best result.

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