The Castle Dungeon - Be the fastest clicker!

The Castle Dungeon - Be the fastest clicker!

Date added: 05/12/2017

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Unbelievable! How awesome this game can be! The Castle Dungeon is one of the top action games at Friv for school. Don't miss out your chance. Play it now at game online friv.


Where should I start? Well, this game is a perfect game fitting all fastidious players at friv online game. How can it do that? The game uses impressive images designing by the best game developers. This advantage point really can fulfill the players' habit. On the top of it, I also have to add that the game's sound system is incredible. From the main song theme to the sound effects, together, they make a beautiful, attractive concerts to the game. The players at frivgame will be smitten by these alluring melodies.


Another point I should highlight that is characters' design. They look so cute and charismatic. I'm pretty sure that you will be completely enamored by their appearance.


In this game, you will have a chance to play in the hero role. Your primary mission is to defeat all evils in the matches by clicking repeatedly on them until they run out the energy. Each monster will have a different power range. Basically, your goal in this game is to race against the time. Try your best to defeat as many monsters as possible. Don't forget to upgrade your warrior's power by using the reward coins.

Game controls:

You also can buy more wingmen or weapons for your character. Play hard and breaking your limit with The Castle Dungeon at friv games free!

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