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Did you have fun with the last 'boss fight'? Then you will love the new Whack Your Boss 2 Fantasy Edition! Your final job is to find all 10 items to whack your boss again and again.This time even magical creatures came to help you destroy your annoying boss. Enjoy Whack Your Boss 2, keep calm and manage your anger without harming a soul!


Whack your boss 2 is the newest version of the game. Your final job is to find all 10 items to whack your boss again and again. This game could be one of the latest updates Whack your ex or Whack The Terrorist. That was some game I ever played.


Tired of a stress full working-day? Anger with your boss? Then, let’s relieve your anger on the virtual boss in Whack Your Boss 2 at Friv 2018!


Your boss does not recognize any effort in your job. He throws to your face various unacceptable comments. You go home with a bad mood. The anger is accumulated inside of you, and make you crazy.


Just explore! Of course, you can't do anything bad to your boss in the real life, otherwise, you lose your current job. However, you don't need to hold back your anger. There is one way for you to relieve it by playing Whack the Boss 2 - the second installment of interesting Whack the Boss series at free friv Games.


It offers you a virtual boss that you can use various ways to torture him, kill him, beat him and so on. Just feel free to enjoy that feeling. No one watches behind you. No one judges you. No police captures you. And you do not harm anyone physically. This game has maximum 10 ways to kill the boss as 10 puzzles that you have to solve.


Any detail in it can be a way to whack the virtual boss. After finishing it all, you definitely don't feel angry anymore. Its simple graphics may not attract you in term of visuals but its gameplay satisfies you for sure.  If the results come out do not make you feel better, let's try more related games at friv 4 such as http://www.friv-2018.net/ . Have a great time here!

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How to play: Use your mouse to play this game.

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