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In this game, simply, you only need to click any items on the screen such as weapon, shoes, car, laptop, gift box, chair, hand and so on. With each item, you will hurt your ex-lover in a very humorous and cruel way. This will help you laugh happily every time and relieve the angry emotions in your head. 

Still not over your ex? Well it's time to stop it forever and "Whack Your Ex" is your last chance for revenge. Insult and injury your ex till death the way you want. Click on items at the bottom of the cartoon to use any item as a weapon. Be careful, some items will cause damage for a girl and some for a boy. Find out what all the objets in "Whack Your Ex" do, but don't forget: it's just a game. Much fun!


Whack Your Ex - Friv 4: Kill your former partner in this violent thriller! Whack Your Ex is cheaper and funner than therapy.


Use your mouse to interact with the computer. 


Are you feeling angry with your ex-lover in life? Are you looking for a humorous and cruel game to relieve this emotion? No doubt! Play Whack Your Ex play friv 4 Games right now! 


This game is very humorous but cruel with many bloody images. Therefore, I suggest that you should consider carefully before playing it. Here, you can act whatever you want with no law, no morals and no religion. It is so wonderful, right? More fun and more experiences are waiting for you at friv4school play Games. 


However, you should pay attention that there are some items that can cause a cruel destruction with many horror images in the game. But, it is just a game, so you also don’t need to worry too much about this problem. Play online and for free at friv 2018 com Games play! 

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