Zombie Demolisher - Friv 4

Zombie Demolisher - Friv 4

Date added: 13/09/2017

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Zombies are dominating the world in Zombie Demolisher at Friv 4. If you don’t kill them, it is difficult for human beings to survive. Kill them all!


Zombies are a great obsession for human beings because they have caused many dramatic deaths. The number of zombies will increase continuously in Zombie Demolisher at game online friv4.


If you don’t kill them in time, they will dominate the whole world. Therefore, take part in the game immediately and then kill all the zombies at 30 levels of the game. Our world is really safe without having these scary creatures.


To kill them, use balls at the top of the screen (you can move them) to launch into the locations where zombies are standing. Remember that the number of balls (both black and red) is very limited, so you should think thoroughly before releasing them.


One more thing, your score will be calculated by the number of killed zombies and unused balls, so try to kill all zombies at friv 2018 to play and use weapons in limitation. Good luck!

Game controls:

Directions: You will launch balls by using the mouse, select the type of balls by using the 1, 2, 3 keys and shoot zombies by using the spacebar.

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