Mickey Mouse Hidden Candy

Sweet candies with different shapes are waiting for you in the game Mickey Mouse Hidden Candy at friv Games for kids. Each level is equivalent to 5 candies hidden in each picture of Mickey Mouse Hidden Candy. Explore the Disney world with this game online Mickey Mouse Hidden Hearts today. It’s an interesting game.

The hidden candy game contained in each photo is always fun to play at friv for school. Mickey Mouse Hidden Candy game online offers players different shots of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other animated characters. Each photo will have 5 hidden candies. Big sweets are easier for you to find than small ones.

They can blend into the color of the picture. Therefore, you need to look closely at this game and win the level quickly. With harder levels, you need to look more closely and click on the correct answer. This game Mickey Mouse Hidden Candy has attracted players with different hobbies at friv for kids.

This fun game will train your concentration ability and other useful lessons. Do not click away if you have not found the shape of the candy. You may lose. This is a game for 1 player or more players. You also have the opportunity to share games with friends to open up new paintings and all levels of the game.

friv Games for girls always allow players to explore the game without being bothered by other factors. You are ready for your journey on our website and topping the ranking of this game with the highest score.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to click on objects hidden on the screen.