Action Games

Who is strong and personality? Raise your hand! Because Action Game category at friv 2018 will bring you an attractive experience in life. Our website will continuously update hundreds of hottest action games every day on the website. Therefore, players will not feel bored and have many chances to try out different action games. Speed, passion, challenge, and regret will be the emotions you get when playing action games. Let’s explore a world of passion at friv online Games!

Action games category will give you full genres such as shooting games, sport games, running games and so on. Some hot games on the category you may love to play such as Raze, Good game Empire, Tom Runner, Strike Force Heroes 2 and etc. With each type of game, you will have the opportunity to experience many different levels of emotions in life. Who will become the king of action games at friv4school 2018? It completely could be you!

One more thing, before playing action games, I recommend that you also consider carefully because some games are quite violent and contain a lot of bloody images. However, they are just entertaining games, so you don’t need to worry and fear to play these games. In the action game category, there are many shooting and fighting games. Here, your biggest mission is to shoot down all enemies and get the highest score in the game. Especially, shooting games don’t have any rules, so you have to observe carefully and find out a proper tactic in the game.

Life is a race!

Besides, if you are a speed enthusiast, you definitely have to play some cool racing games in action games because they are really attractive and charismatic players. Drive your vehicle wisely, run as fast as possible and leave your opponents behind on the race track. Moreover, keep your eyes to observe carefully and avoid being destroyed by dangerous obstacles and deadly traps on the way. Note that, with racing games, you won’t have many lives, so with just a small mistake, the game will end immediately. If you are a fan of racing games, I suggest that you should try to play them and explore many wonderful things in life.

Moreover, there is a very special game genre in action games category - Torture games. Does it sound weird? This is a unique game genre that can help you free the anger of the real world in the virtual world. In another way, this is also considered as a way to release stress safely. However, these games will contain some horror images, so you should also carefully consider before playing to avoid being obsessed with life.

In this type of game, you have to use both the mouse and the keyboard to play. So, you will have to remember many keys to aim in the game. However, you only need to play a few levels, you will find out its rules. Don’t forget to explore some other great game genres at online Games thrive. Share them with your friends right now!