Nubic vs Huggy Wuggy

Play Nubic vs Huggy Wuggy for free at Friv 2018 and enjoy many other online games. Huggy Wuggy has entered the world of Minecraft! Assist Nubic in defeating them all! Gather your weapons and prepare to fight! Beware of the Huggy Wuggy's powerful paws, the massive Huggy's devastating assaults, and the Ender-Huggy bricks hurtling at you! Is dealing with a high number of adversaries difficult? Toss a grenade into the crowd to slow them down! But beware: after every 10 levels Nubic completes, the boss of Killy Willy appears to avenge all Huggy Wuggies! Can you beat him as well?

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Instruction to play:

Mouse - look around, WASD - movement, W + Shift - run, Space bar - jump, Left mouse button - attack, Right mouse button - return the thrown trident, E - pick up weapons, Q - drop the weapon, F - Time grenade throw.