Javelin Fighting

If you love stickman game, you will not be able to skip the Javelin Fighting game at Games of friv. A battle is about to take place between you and the enemy. You have to throw darts at enemies and defeat them in Javelin Fighting. Continuous levels in this Javelin Fighting online will teach you the basic skills to fight. Enjoy!

Javelin Fighting game online is based on the stickman version that fights against enemies to defend his castle. There are many enemies in different positions in this game. Games friv online have updated the list of exciting stickman games so players have the opportunity to explore in their spare time.

You have time to throw darts at enemies with different powers depending on the distance between the two of you. If you hit the enemy, the game will continue with harder levels. In contrast, if the enemy hits you, the game will end and you need to start over in the Javelin Fighting game at friv free.

Make sure you aim exactly before throwing your dart. You can learn the shooting skills and adjust your throwing speed to achieve the ultimate goal of defeating the enemy. This game is loved by many online gamers and the option to relax after every stressful work hour.

Pay attention to the energy column equivalent to your life. The color in the column decreases and the color of your life becomes more dangerous. You need to defeat the enemy before they hit you in this fighting game. Moreover, you are careful with your standing position so that you do not fall out.

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Instruction to play:

Hold down the left mouse button and release your mouse to throw your darts to hit enemies if you play the game on your computer.