Colonial Kart World - Friv 2018

Join into a tough naval battle between 2 nations, England and Spain. Choose your side and bring glory to your country in Colonial Kart World at Friv 4!


Colonial Kart World is an insanely fun ship battle game in which you destroy your enemies by using the powerful cannon. Are you ready to handle the historic battle between the two countries, England and Spain? Visit Friv Games and try it out.


Before entering into the real fight,  you have a chance to choose your side and then, you have to protect your country at all costs. Sail your ship and try to sink your enemy ships deep down the sea without getting any shot. The time runs out meaning the game ends. At the end of each match, the team has more kills will win.


Prove your loyalty to your country by wiping out every enemy and win. Playing more games like this one at Free friv 2018 such as

Instruction to play:

How to play: You WASD or arrow key to move around, press the left mouse to shoot.