Afterlife: The Game

Have you ever wondered what would happen afterlife? Why don't you become a nice ghost and experience the virtual fun in Afterlife: The Game? This Friv new game is a cool parodic game that portraits the fun part about what comes right afterlife. If you have been familiar with the original game Life: The Game, you will be thrilled to continue exploring with this second version. It will be fun even for beginners.

You will control a ghost in this game at After dying, you get to float around doing all the things that you missed out. From scaring people, flying freely to protecting old little grannies from the dangers, feel free to explore! The game allows you to go from one task to another. Start off by learning to float around and control the movement while flying. Then, you can assist the grannies by kicking off the things that threaten her.

Do your best to protect her! After that, don't refrain from trying everything that you want to such as trick or treat, spook children and kinds of stuff that only spirits can do. There isn't any scoring system so there's no need to worry about the score. Graphics design is also a plus. Let's have fun before reaching the stairs to heaven or the gates of hell. More adventures in the games like Mine Clone 4 and Blast The Planets will also allow new experience, so don't miss them out!

Instruction to play:

Control and move using the mouse.