Love Story Of Aurora - Rescue Princess Aurora with a sweet kiss

Love Story Of Aurora at friv Game 2018 is a fun game about princess Aurora in a beautiful kingdom. She is being cursed by a wicked witch and she needs a sweet kiss from a prince. Can you help the Aurora Princess? Play Love Story Of Aurora game online and laugh happily every time right away!


Once in a distant kingdom, a beautiful princess called Aurora has suffered a vicious curse of an evil corpse. The princess can only wake up if she receives a sweet kiss from a prince. However, she was locked in a room with the cruel witch's supervision. Please help the prince get close and give the princess a kiss to help her wake up.


What are you waiting for? Click Love Story Of Aurora at online Games friv for 2018 and explore many wonderful experiences. In the room where the Aurora Princess is locked, you will have to help the prince get closer to the bed and kiss her. However, this mission is not easy because the witch will move constantly and tightly control Princess Aurora.


Whenever the witch disappears, you must control the prince to kiss the princess as long as possible. Be careful because the game will end if the witch meets the prince in the room at best friv Games. After the princess has awakened, she needs to prepare everything to become beautiful before the prince.


Instruction to play:

So you will move on to the second task - makeup for Aurora. Here, you can choose the color for the eyes, cheeks, lips. Finally at friv Games online free, to help Aurora become the most beautiful princess in the kingdom, you need to choose and combine gorgeous outfits with accessories such as necklace, shoes, crown, bag. It sounds very interesting, right??? If you want to play more, check out at friv4.


Controls: Interact with the computer by using your mouse in the game.