Princess Style Guide 2017: Glam Rock

Who is a fan of rock music? Please raise your arms up! Because Princess Style Guide 2017: Glam Rock will be the number one choice for you at friv the play. Have fun!


Princess Style Guide 2017: Glam Rock at friv at school is an interesting fashion game that is only for rock fans around the world. What are the different styles of rock stars compared to normal singers? Follow me and find the answer at frivgame!


As far as my opinion, the style of the rock stars is quite strong, wild, different and mysterious. They often choose costumes with strong colors such as black, red, blue, purple and special accessories such as spiked rings or unique items. All of them will make them stand out and be more attractive on the stage.


Just like in this fashion game, your task is to select the unique outfits and become the number one rock star who has the most bizarre style in the world at friv for school. Note that, you don’t forget to choose some accessories such as guitar, hat, sunglasses, necklace, bracelet, boots because they will contribute a lot to the success of the outfit. Is it attractive enough to you? Check out some similar games as at friv online game and enjoy the fashion world.

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use the mouse on the computer.