Falling Dots

Falling Dots game is a simple but insanely challenging game which tests your reaction. All you need to do here is to change the color of two fixed dots to match the incoming ones. You will find it really hard to get a high score. Let’s start and try your best to get the best score in Falling Dots online at game online friv. Have fun!

Falling Dots game is a classic online arcade game which is entertaining, addictive and challenging. Once you enjoy it for the first time, you will keep playing for sure. Here at friv best Games, your goal is to get the highest score as possible. The challenging is waiting for you in this game seems to be easy but surprisingly hard.

Don’t be panic. You are presented with 2 vertical ropes with 2 fixed white dots in the bottom of each. You need to change the color of these 2 dots in order to match the incoming dots. The incoming dots are falling down at a high-speed. So, you must stay focused and act quickly to change the color correctly at friv 4 game.

People say that it’s hard to do many tasks at the same time, but the game requires your brain and fingers to act twice. Your eyes must keep watching the falling dots, and your brain must work hard to make your fingers do exactly what it wants. It is to change the color in time.

Once you make a single mistake, the game ends immediately. This game pushes your reaction to another level. As the game processes, the difficulty increases rapidly as the dots are falling faster and faster. Can you handle this speed? What is your highest score?

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Instruction to play:

Press Z/X to change the color of the left/right dots.