My Little Pony Adventures In Aquastria – A memorable journey

Alo!!! Did you know anything? A family of seahorses will have an interesting adventure to Aquastria and hold a party in My Little Pony Adventures In Aquastria at frivgame 2018.


Do you want to join beautiful and lovely seahorses to another exciting kingdom under the ocean? That is a beautiful and peaceful place where people always laugh happily and organize parties to welcome the friendly guests. Are you ready to embark on a memorable adventure with the family of Seahorses?


Don’t hesitate anymore! Play My Little Pony Adventures In Aquastria at friv game for kids and help them become the light of the night. At this party, there are many special guests from all over the world who want to be the highlight of the party. So, do your best to help the seahorses change their body color, hairstyle and sparkling colors to become more prominent.


For every seahorse at friv game for kids, you need to build a unique style with different colors such as lovely style, mysterious style, sweet style, special style and so on. With eye-catching graphics and fun sound, this game will bring you many memorable moments in life. Adding an interesting choice for you to enjoy Wedding Fashion Facebook Blog at game of friv.

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Choose the outfits with your left mouse.