Extreme Car Driving

Whether you want to practice before having a driver license test or simply enjoy the most realistic driving experience, Extreme Car Driving brings them all for you. Get in your car and drive around various environments. You don’t want to miss any moment here for sure. Enjoy Extreme Car Driving online at friv game! 

Extreme Car Driving at friv for free is an interesting car driving simulation game for those who are the fan of speed and car. This game not only brings you joy but also helps you master the basic skills of driving learning with its real mechanism and feeling. 

There are 3 modes for you to choose from, including Free mode, Checkpoint, and Mission. You can enter whichever mode you want to play first. In Free mode, you freely drive everywhere to explore the city and test your driving skill. There is no rule at here. 

The exploration is endless. You can drive calmly, perform cool stunts and speed up until it meets your need for speed. Checkpoint mode is divided into several levels. At friv at school 2018, you have to reach the checkpoint within a certain amount of time in each level to unlock the next stage. 

You will find no pedestrian in the street, so you don’t have to worry about causing any accident or so on. Coming to the final mode - Mission, like its name, you have to complete tons of missions in order to unlock a new adventure or new cars. 

However, mission mode is unavailable yet. It will be added soon. In any mode, you should make use of the mini-map located in the upper left of the screen to navigate easier. 

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Instruction to play:

Use arrow keys to control the car.