Blocky Wars Advanced Combat SWAT

Play as a blocky character just like in Minecraft but you won’t break blocks, collect minerals and build things. What you will experience here is to fight against other players and your enemies. Blocky Wars Advanced Combat SWAT is a shooting game with simple graphics but awesome gameplay. If you have played several shooting games at Games of friv, then check out this new one and it helps you chill.

This game looks so simple but it offers huge content. You can start the battle by entering an available room or opt for another choice. There are 5 game modes for you to choose from if you create your own room. Choose 1 among 5 modes including Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Wave survival, Gungame, and Zombies. Then customize other stats such as Players, Kills, Bots, Gun and Map.

Having said that again, each puzzle index offers many different options. Therefore, you can create many different styles of play by changing them on Enjoy different gameplay and experience, and try to reach your goal is to win every match you join. Play alone on the single-player server or play with other players on the multiplayer server. When creating your server, you can also protect it with a password.

Do not because of its not very nice graphics that you ignore this game. Elements of graphics will not adversely affect your game experience. Bet you will return to this game not just once. Check this out and hunt for other awesome games on our site. Some of the awesome options for you are Taxistory and Ball Picker 3D

Instruction to play:

 WASD to move, C to crouch, Space to Jump, Tab to show the menu, enter to chat, mouse to aim and shoot