Barbie Fairy Of The Woods

Welcome to the fairy world of the beautiful butterfly fairies in Barbie Fairy Of The Woods at friv Games for kids! Do you want to be a glamorous butterfly fairy of Barbie Fairy Of The Woods game online? Turn your dream into reality right now! 

Barbie Fairy Of The Woods at friv Games for girls is a paradise of the beautiful butterfly fairy. Here, the butterfly fairies will be living in a beautiful and splendid space by the sparkling light. They will fly, play and live in a sweet world. Do you want to discover great experiences with butterflies? This chance is for you! 

Before playing this game, I believe that you will be completely convinced by the graphic design. The graphics of the game are incredibly eye-catching and splendid. With bright and sweet colors, the game will bring players a glamorous fairytale space with sparkling light and magical fairies. Light effects and motion will bring you a memorable experience in life. If you are looking to find a world of fairy tales to mingle, this game will definitely satisfy your needs. 

In this game at frivGames 2018, you will act as a talented fairy who will design and create gorgeous skirts for the other butterflies. Your main task is to select and combine the unique outfits and help the butterfly fairy become the most attractive and beautiful in the kingdom. In addition, you can combine the costumes with flowers and jewelry accessories such as crown, necklace, earrings to help the girls become more prominent. 

After choosing the gorgeous outfits, you will make up for the princess with a sweet and lovely style. All makeup tools are displayed on the screen. You just have to click on the icons to change the color until you are satisfied. Finally, you can choose a companion to join the exciting journey in the fairy world. Our website - also will introduce some interesting games to you such as Elsa Dream Of Butterfly and Year Round Fashionista: Anna

Instruction to play:

Play the game by using the mouse on the computer.