Whack My Car - Relieve your stress at frivgame2018

Are you feeling angry? You want to destroy everything around but you can’t? Join Whack My Car at free online friv Games and do anything you love. Click Whack My Car right away! In life, sometimes you have to face a lot of difficulties, so they can make you tired, stressful and angry.


Are you looking for a place that can help you relieve stress? Great! Because Whack My Car at friv Games play is written for you. You can do anything you love with no rules, regulations, ethics, police or anyone else here at friv Games for school.


In this unique game, you can destroy any car with some tools on the screen such as a baseball bat, hammer, fire extinguisher, saw, gun or large iron block. With each tool, the level of destruction will be different, so you can try to use all these tools to create enormous destruction in the game.


You can hit, beat, shoot or knock continuously until the car breaks. In this way at frivgame 2018, you can feel more comfortable and relaxing in life. If you want to relax more with some other games, check out Real Car Drift Race Mania 3D and 18 Wheels Driver at friv Games. Play online and download with no any fees here.



Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use your left mouse to play this game.