Hatchimals Jumper – Let’s jump higher and higher!

Hatchimals are so cute, right? And do you want to play with them? Join Hatchimals Jumper at friv school right now! Hatchimals Jumper is a fun jumping game where you need to use your agility and ingenuity to set new high scores. Enjoy your time with Hatchimals Jumper game online!


Here at friv Games school, to play Hatchimals Jumper, you just have to keep your Hatchimal jumping upward from one platform to the next one. The gameplay is simple but sometimes your Hatchimal still is slipped off the platform, then it falls and the game is over. Another danger is sudden bombs.


The Hatchimal has 3 lives that allow it to collide with bombs for 3 times. Over 3 times, you lost the game, too. So, how to avoid these ones? Your agility and ingenuity will help when you need to observe carefully and jump exactly. In this game at Friv 4, the more stars you pick, the higher score you’ll get and no stars equal no scores.


Try to pick as many stars as possible in the process of movement and hit the highest score. With eye-catching graphics and lively sound, I believe that you will laugh happily and have a great time with your friends and family in life. Replay for more fun! Would you like to play more similar games? Click on some names such as http://friv-2018.net/There are also many other genres of games for you to play, check out at free online friv Games 2018 to discover today! Have fun!


How to play? Use arrow keys to play this game.

Instruction to play: