Magic Wood Lumberjack

Now, people often cut trees with chainsaws instead of axes like in the old days. Do you want to go back in time and explore what would a lumberjack do to chop a tree? Magic Wood Lumberjack will give you that chance. Play as a lumberjack at friv 2020 games and starts a hard-working day. There are 3 tasks you have to do repeatedly including chopping the trees, sell wood, and buy upgrades.

It sounds straight forward and easy, right? It’s truly simple but enjoyable. This game will keep you hooked and make you go deeper into the forest and discover which kinds of trees are in there. In the beginning, you have a basic ax with low duration and strength. Use it to cut down the trees and then you can sell what you collect to earn money. On, money is used to buy upgrades for the ax and lumberjack.

When you feel like your ax is damaged and its speed is slow down, then you know that it’s time to go back to the store to sell some wood and buy some upgrades. The color of the trees will change as the game processes. You will find it hard to chop the trees, so upgrading is important and you must focus on upgrading.

Somewhere among the trees is a golden tree. Cut it to earn bonuses. This kind of tree is rare but you can find them once in each area of the forest. How was your working day? How much do you earn? Keep working and having fun in other games such as Shoot the Guy and Swords Of Brim

Instruction to play:

Move by using arrow keys and chop the trees by clicking.