Lemonade - Haha! A fun game

Do you want to drink orange juice? Haha! You don’t need to do anything than participate in Lemonade at friv Games for free. Can you have a glass of orange juice in Lemonade? Click!


If you are feeling bored and want to find a fun game to play, however you don’t want to play complex games or need more skill, Lemonade will be a perfect choice for you at game friv 4. Why do I say so? Because this game is extremely fun and simple, so you will not feel the pressure when playing.


However, this game is also extremely interesting and attractive for all ages. What are you waiting for? Come to friv free Games and relieve stress and pressure in your life. There are a half orange and a glass on the screen. The cup is fixed, while the orange rotates continuously with orange juice.


Your task is to get all the orange juice and fill the glass of water on the screen at friv com Games play. All you need to do is click on the orange juice at the right times and help them fall right into the glass at the bottom. Also, do your best to collect the precious diamonds in the air. Haha! This game is very interesting, right? Here is a list of some similar games such as http://friv-2018.net/ at friv Games online.



Instruction to play:

Controls: Click with the mouse.