Fruit Slice

This is a classic game that steals gamers' heart at friv free Games. People love this game because of the game's idea. There are 3 selections for you, arcade, zen, and frenetic. Each choice has a different way of playing. In the arcade mode, there is a timer set in the game. 60 seconds are your limited time.


Try your best to gain the highest score within the time limit allowed. With the zen selection, you can take your time and use your mouse skills to slice all the fruits. I think that this model fits the beginners wanting to practice their skills first. And after that, try the frenetic choice and show off all your gained accomplishments at Friv4.


Tips, tricks, and hacks in Fruit Slice


There is an obstacle set in the game - the bomb. Here is the game's trick, the bomb is designed exactly like a fruit. Thus, just a moment of distraction, you can end the game immediately.


In the case, you have played with your computer, hold the mouse so as to slice successfully the fruit.


You can share the game with all your friends and acquaintances and together have treasurable memories with friv Games play.


In order to use optimal functionalities of the game, make sure that you have already logged in your online account at friv.We all want that the gamers can have an enjoyable time when playing this game.   


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Instruction to play:

How to play

Use your mouse to interact with the game.