Helix Jump

Simple but attractive, easy to learn but hard to master, Helix Jump is what you are looking for if you want something both entertaining and challenging. Let’s see what your highest score is and you are able to climb to the top of the leaderboard or not. Have a great moment with Helix Jump online game at friv Games 2018!

Entering the game, you will see a stage made up of rotatable discs and these discs are attached to a pipe and a bouncing ball on top of it. Your mission in Helix Jump is not to control the ball but rotate the pipe to the left or right in order to make the ball drop down the lower floors via the gaps.

By jumping down the gaps of the discs through various floors, you slowly jump your way to the bottom of the pipe. At free friv Games, earning the highest score is your main goal. As the game process, the difficulty increases significantly as you will be faced the discs that have deadly segments.

And these dangerous things will appear later on. You don’t want to land on these segments for sure because the game will over immediately. With a single jump, you can make the ball fall through more than 3 gaps. This helps you enhance your score as well as destroy the first disc that you land on, no matter what you touch the deadly segments or not.

Along the way, don’t forget to collect diamonds to unlock more types of ball at school friv. Be careful when you make any jumps because you may not know whether the safe land or dangerous land is waiting for you below.

With the simplistic design and interesting gameplay, this game is worth a try. Want more games related to this one?

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Instruction to play:

Use left/right arrow key to make to platform turn left/right.