Don’t Hit Me

How well can you drive? In Don’t Hit Me online game, you own a super sports car and you plan to drive around the city, but it’s rush hour. Many people are moving on the road. Your objective in this game is to drive as fast as you can without crashing into any pedestrian. Play Don’t Hit Me at friv Games play!

You bought a new luxury car last week and you haven’t had a chance to drive it yet because you’re too busy. Today, you decided to drive your car around the city. However, it’s rush hour now. There are many people moving on the road and others want to cross the road.

In Don’t Hit Me at friv Games online, you have a challenging mission. You have to drive without making any accidents. This game is a perfect place to test your driving skills. Your car is moving automatically. You just control it speed up or brake. If you see no one on the road, you can accelerate and drive as fast as you can.

But if any pedestrian is crossing the road, you have to brake your car to make it stop in front of the zebra crossing and wait until the people move to another site, then you can keep driving. Remember that don’t park on the zebra crossing. Here at Games of friv, your score is determined by the distance you traveled. In the unfortunate case, you caused the accident, the game ends immediately and you have to restart from the beginning.

Let’s see what your highest score is and how you can master this simple but challenging game. If you’re seeking for more games related to this one, then why don’t you play these following options at such as Scrap Metal 2 and Highway SquadHave a great time!

Instruction to play:

Use up/down arrow key to speed up/brake or use left click on two buttons on the screen.