4096 – Hit the new goal!

If you have played 2048, you will be interested in 4096. If you are interested in 2048, you shouldn’t miss this game. Have a great time with 4096 at friv Games friv!    


Inspired from 2048, 4096 is a new game with a higher difficulty level and longer completion time. If you have conquered 2048, what are you waiting for? 4096 is now available at friv online Games for you to continue challenging your thinking ability. Try yourself now! Your goal is to hit the 4096 tile before the board is full.


The rule is that if two tiles with the same number touch, they make a new tile with the number doubled. Keep moving continuously the tiles until the 4096 tile appears, you win! Playing this game at friv free Games, I have some tips for you. First, try to build your highest value blocks into one corner.


This affords you plenty of space to make other moves. Second, you need to consolidate blocks later on as close to the top row as possible. Third, when the tile in the corner which is next to the highest value block is empty, try to fill it with a piece that you can pin down the top row from moving left and right.


And finally, when the top row starts to get full, you should choose one of the lower blocks as your target block. Join the numbers and get to the 4096 tile! Have fun! Search at best friv Games to play more exciting games such as 10x10! and England Premier League

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use arrow keys to move the tiles.