To control your paperio character you have to use arrow keys. The more space you win, the higher ranking and scores you get. You have to act and think quickly. Circle the territory with colored line and turn back to your base. Be careful not to touch your own line while doing so, because you will die!


To stop another player from taking over your space, crash through their transparent line if they are outside of their own territory. You’ll snip the line and knock them completely off the board.


As a very addictive multiplayer online game, Paperio has attracted a lot of players worldwide. And if you are a huge fan of io games, you shouldn’t miss this game friv. This .io game seems to be very different from the previous ones such as limaxio and wormateio.


If in, you will have to find spots of color to eat for growth, or in, you will control a worm to become the biggest, you have a different mission in Paper-io: just fill in the screen with your color. In other word, paint your screen by drawing a line.


Try to occupy the biggest squares to win the game. Keep in mind that other players can stop you from playing by cutting your line. Don’t let them do it. My advice is to try to go a zic-zac line so that it’s harder for your foes to cut your line. Play Paperio now and you will have a lot of fun! I promise!


Have you had hegemony in any games? Now, fill in the screen with your own color in Paperio and become the first!

Go for it at friv game! You love light games and also love intellectual games? Yay, you! Here at friv 2018 you can find Paperio which gets both of them. It is a global online multiplayer game, too. Why not give it a try? It won't make you disappointed.


This game is not too difficult but it requires your agility. The main mission for all players is to fill in the screen with their color and kill other players. Let’s capture the largest squares by drawing your own lines and killing your foes as many as you can by cutting their lines.


Remember that, your foes, of course, always attempt like you so they can destroy you at any time. Therefore, keep your mind to formulate flexible strategies, move tactically and try to stay as long as possible. You also should know that the more zigzag your line is, the harder it is for your foes to kill you. Besides, the rankings on the screen will let you know your achievements. Play it at friv 4 and be on top. Other attractive io games that you may want to discover such as

Instruction to play:

How to play Paperio Game

  • Use the arrows to move

Note: The game is playable on both PCs and mobiles. Try it now and you will love it.