Water Race 3D

Water activities are the favorite of many people when summer comes. Especially, if you have a vacation on the beach, you may join at least one activity such as swim or dive. Here at friv play Games, you will have a chance to try something a little bit dangerous and fun as well. Welcome to Water Race 3D – an awesome and cool race on the waterslide. You will not sit on the buoy and slide down from the top of the water slide.

Instead, you stand on a surfboard and slide forwards as far as possible. However, it’s hard and dangerous because you have to conquer many obstacles, twists and turns, and so on. When dealing with these obstacles, you are ease to fall. So the key point of this game is to keep balance and take action at the right time. For example, if you see a gap in front of you, you have to jump to overcome it.

If you’ re slow, you fail. On https://friv-2018.net/, the water slide is not seamless. There are some parts that you seem to jump on several platforms or from one slide, you choose one of two slides in the front. The challenges very and through each time you fail, you can learn more from them and know how to deal with them in the next turn. The game offers various surfboard and you unlock them by watching the video. They are just different from appearance and in terms of abilities, they are the same. Have fun and chill out with other games such as Parking Jam and Wanted Painter.

Instruction to play:

Use your left mouse to move right and left.