Wanted Painter

Stay still and draw and color is boring. Why don't you mount a huge marker at the back of your motorbike and mess around? Watch out. Police will catch al troublemakers. Enter Wanted Painter at friv best Games and challenge the police to have fun. Will they win or you win? It's not sure so try it and get the highest score each time you play. It's simple, joyful, and challenging.

Well, instead of messing around, you can pain your work of art as soon as the police can't catch you. If you want to get rid of the police, you can turn, play some tricks to make them crash into each other. However, new police will come and the chasing journey will never end but it will end if you hit them or get caught by them. So make sure you drive, turn, and make maneuvers at the right time to keep you safe and make police cars collide with each other.

By doing that, you will earn extra scores on https://friv-2018.net/. Your main goal here is to make the chasing journey last as long as possible and you get as many scores as you can. You have some submissions as well like collecting a certain number of diamonds. Then, you can use these diamonds to unlock new brushes and colors. Create your creative work of arts while escaping from the annoying police, eliminate them with your amazing driving skills, and have fun. You know that many games are waiting for you here, right? Check out Nurse Kissing 2 and Bowling Fun 2019 whenever you are free.

Instruction to play:

Drive around with your mouse.