Corona Conqueror

Corona Conqueror at friv4school 2020 is a game with an extremely awesome genre and fascinated with real experience? You should not miss the opportunity to participate in this game. Unleash your game with no need to worry about paying any money. The task in this game is very interesting. The game will bring out lots of toilet paper rolls. You will have to shoot them up when the virus is approaching.

Shoot hard to make the virus fly away from this place, if you let the virus fall near you then an unfortunate thing you will have to stop the game. Don't let this happen because it is terrible. Have fun and enjoy the new feeling with this mission. Shoot very strong and accurate because this virus is very small and they rush towards you very crowded. Try to observe and use a lot of skills to be able to remove all these dangerous viruses do not let them come near you.

The game will bring you many new challenges as well as the comfort to join this game. You will not be stressed out. What could be better than enjoying the exciting moments when coming to the game? Please allow yourself to challenge more into this game Corona Conqueror at Why such an engaging game you don't share with your friends. join your friends now to join the game to fight the same fierce viruses together. If you are impressed with this game genre, allow yourself to explore a few other similar game genres Pokemon Pikachu and Limo Taxi Driver 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to be able to destroy all the viruses.