Nine, Eight and Snooker

Have a great fun with this billiard game in Friv2018! "Eight, Nine, and Snooker are now available in a 3D game. Everything required for a basic but thrilling game of pool: - Three well-known games: Eight, Nine, and Snooker - Many modes: 1) Individual game, 2) Play against a buddy, 3) Observer, 4) Free table - Simple interface. You may rapidly get immersed in the process, even overnight - Honest physics - No superfluous details: no superfluous tunes or too vivid animation.

Share with your friends this challenging world. In addition, players can also search for other games with the same theme as this world like Football Brawl. What are you waiting for without saving to the game list? Play your favorite now?

Instruction to play:

To aim, left-click where you want to aim with the mouse. You can fine-tune your aim with the A and D buttons or the left and right arrow keys.