Stickman Race 3D

Help a man win the running race in the game Stickman Race 3D at friv games online. This is an online game that you absolutely can participate in this game for free in your browsers. Luck will come to you in this game. Your goal in this game is to control your character ahead of other players. Hurry and start going ahead to win against these players. But ahead of you, countless obstacles hinder you. Those are big blocks that are moving and don't let you through.

Therefore, you need to be observant and wait for a good opportunity to pass through the gap. If you are unlucky enough to get in the way, you will have to start over. Can you overcome all the obstacles? As long as you equip yourself with the skills, you will be able to win everything. Let's push the boundaries of everything. Run fast to get away from the competitors who race with you.

Play and run at full speed to get the chance to become the leading player. The challenge is awesome, isn't it? Try to rush forward and enjoy the many wonderful things that the game gives you. Much more fun in the game Stickman Race 3D at Remember to share the great things you get from the game to your friends and invite your friends to join the game now to join the most intense race. It's great if you challenge yourself to some other similar game genres like Tomato Crush and Frosty Donuts

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to explore challenges from the game.