Angela Bathing Time - Ready to have a bath

Baby Angela is going to have a bath right now. Are you willing to help her in Baby Angela Bathing Time? Play Baby Angela Bathing Time at friv Games.


A bath becomes the focus of a nightly bedtime routine. It’s 8 pm now. Baby Angela is playing with her toys, but it’s time to have a bath, then go to bed. However, her mother is busy. So, are you willing to help her?


Angela Bathing Time at friv online Games for kids is so simple and easy to play with beautiful graphics and cute character. It’s especially suitable for kids. Perhaps, it also helps them learn how to bathe in order properly. First of all, let’s fill the bathtub with warm water, and put some flowers.


You use mild soap sparingly, wash her from top to bottom, front and back. What are you going to do next in this friv the game? Just start by washing her entirely with a wet, and soapy cloth.


After that, you rinse Angela thoroughly with cupfuls of clean water and wipe her with a lean washcloth. Finally, dress her up in a comfortable baby nightgown, then she is ready for a good sleep. At Games friv online, there are many similar games waiting for you, check out Elsa's Romantic Date Much Fun!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: You play this game on the computer with the mouse or on the touched-devices by tapping.